Classic Gold Auto Centre's Customer Reviews

I took my Chevy Tahoe to Classic Gold for an oil change and checkup as I was heading to Flagstaff for the weekend. Everyone was extremely friendly and very helpful — they even loaned me a desk space so I could do some work while I waited! The total for my services was very reasonable and they confirmed that I needed to buy new tires before my trip. I highly recommend Classic Gold and will be using them for all my auto service needs.

Chris L

I was referred to Classic Gold by a friend. My son’s car had a problem with the front end steering. We didn’t make an appointment and showed up to drop off the car. The office staff was very courteous as was the service manager. They let us know it wouldn’t be fixed until the next day. They called to let us know the situation, fixed it, called us when it was done. I am very satisfied with the service, diagnosis and and the cost of the repair.

Charlie B

My normal mechanic referred me to Classic Gold for an alignment. I couldn’t believe they got me in on the same day. Everyone was cheerful and professional. I got a quote up front and the price was far lower than I was expecting. When the work was done, the mechanic who took care of my truck called me personally and explained what he had found. It ended up taking more work than it otherwise would have, but Classic Gold stuck to their original quote.

Will R

I work right down the street from Classic Gold and I will no longer go anywhere else to get an oil change or anything fixed on my car. The weekend before I went to discount tire because my tire was low in air, they told me I had a nail in it but it was okay and I didn’t have to worry about anything because it wasn’t leaking air, well low and behold it was, a week later my light came back on. I had to get an oil change and told Classic Gold about my tire, they took the nail out and patched it for me!

Andrea S


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