Preventative Auto Maintenance in Tempe, AZ

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

The auto maintenance experts at Classic Gold Auto Centre can ensure your scheduled maintenance is performed quickly and effectively, getting you back on the road in as little time as possible. We offer comprehensive engine light diagnostics, oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, and much more. Our team of ASE-certified technicians can spot minor mechanical issues before they need major repairs and we’re happy to answer all your questions. Our rates are reasonable, and our customer service can’t be beaten. To schedule your preventative auto maintenance appointment, contact Classic Gold Auto Centre today by phone or our quick online form.

Oil and Filter Changes 

We all know ongoing oil and oil filter changes can keep your vehicle running smoothly, but did you know newer cars and trucks only require servicing every 5,000 miles? It’s true; today’s state-of-the-art engines can handle longer periods between oil changes when you use high-quality synthetic blends. We offer fast, effective, and affordable oil and filter changes for all makes and models of cars, trucks, and motorcycles in Tempe, AZ. We can keep you apprised of any mechanical issues we find, and we’ll ensure we finish the work quickly, so you can go about your day. Car and motorcycle maintenance are a breeze when you rely on the mechanical experts at Classic Gold Auto Centre. 

Check Engine Light Diagnostics 

If you’ve been driving with the check engine indicator on, don’t risk your vehicle’s health another minute. Come to Classic Gold Auto Centre. We can expertly diagnose your engine light indicators and ensure all your car’s systems are running as intended. We specialize in engine tune-ups, oil changes, transmission repairs, brakes, and much more. Our team of technicians has over 27 years of experience in the industry and is fully ASE-certified to work on any make or model of vehicle. We stand behind all our repairs and maintenance with a nationwide lifetime warranty and we also offer quality auto painting and collision repairs for very reasonable prices. When you need comprehensive auto diagnostics and servicing, Classic Gold Auto Centre is here to serve you.  

Tire Rotations and Fluid Top-Offs 

Is your car’s mileage suffering? Are you tired of paying more frequently at the gas pump? With scheduled tire rotations and fluid top-offs, you can ensure the tread on your car or bike’s wheels wears evenly and you get the best possible mileage. At Classic Gold Auto Centre, we can quickly and efficiently rotate, fill, and balance your tires, refill you auto fluids, change your oil and air filters, and ensure your engine is running as it should. We offer fast and affordable scheduled maintenance packages and we’re happy to answer your questions and give you car care guidance when you need it. We’re ASE-certified to work on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and motorcycles and we have over 27 years of experience in the industry. Keep your vehicle road-worthy and reliable by scheduling a service appointment with us today.  

Contact Classic Gold Auto Centre and bring your car in for preventative maintenance services today