Motorcycle Repair in Tempe, AZ

Tempe’s Most Reliable Motorcycle Repair Shop 

No matter the make and model of your bike, we can expertly diagnose and resolve any mechanical issue it’s experiencing, from faltering starts to electrical issues and high fuel consumption. We have over 27 years of experience in the industry and we’ve worked on countless motorcycles throughout the state. Our team of technicians is fully licensed and ASE-certified, and we stand behind all our repairs with a nationwide lifetime warranty. Keep your bike running smoothly both on the road and off the trails with quality motorcycle services and maintenance from the team at Classic Gold Auto Centre.  

Effective Motorcycle Engine Tune-Ups 

If you own a motorcycle, you know when something feels off. The responsiveness may seem stiff and the ride may feel more jostling. If you’re experiencing a halt in the middle of a long run, not getting a good throttle response, or your bike’s electrical system is functioning intermittently, contact the repair team at Classic Gold Auto Centre. We utilize the latest computer diagnostic equipment and we can quickly get to the root of the problem. We’ll give you an accurate estimate on what needs to be done and we’ll ensure the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. We offer the most affordable motorcycle repair rates in the region and we stand behind all our work. Don’t let another day go by riding a bike that’s not performing at peak proficiency. Contact us today for a no-obligation repair estimate.  

Motorcycle Tank and Exhaust Maintenance 

Rising fuel costs are a concern for both car and motorcycle owners, so if you find your bike is consuming more fuel over less time, there may be an issue with your fuel injection system. While we suggest keeping your bike properly maintained with ongoing oil changes, if this has become a major issue, come to our repair shop in Tempe, AZ, and we can diagnose if a more serious issue is at play. We also offer exhaust system repairs, clutch and transmission servicing, and motorcycle body paint and collision repairs. We’ve helped countless bike owners over the years with our quality ASE-certified maintenance and we’ll ensure your bike is road-ready as quickly as possible. Contact us today to find out how we can best serve you. 

Ride the Roads Reliably 

Whether you love to off-road or take long distance trips to interstate road rallies, we can ensure your bike is ready for any adventure. We’ll inspect and clean your gaskets, change your oil and filters, and ensure your exhaust and electrical system are running reliably. Our scheduled motorcycle maintenance packages offer comprehensive servicing for a very reasonable price and we’re happy to order custom parts and provide custom paint jobs to give your bike a stylish new look. We’ve served the community of Tempe, AZ, for over 27 years and we’ve built a reputation for quality work at a fair price. When you need reliable motorcycle repairs, fair pricing, and service with a smile, we’re your first, best choice.  

Call Classic Gold Auto Centre today to schedule a motorcycle service appointment, or fill our our quick online form!