Brake Service and Repair

Professional Brake Service in Tempe, AZ

Get quality brake service in the Tempe area by contacting the professionals at Classic Gold Auto Centre. Whether you are in need of brake line repair work or simply want to make sure your pads are holding up, our team is here to assist you. We have more than two decades worth of expertise in working on cars, and our auto technicians are fully certified, knowledgeable mechanics that take pride in the work they do for our company. 

The heat we experience in Tempe can have an impact on the life of your brake system. Hot weather is hard on the pads, as it makes it more difficult for heat to dissipate. This can lead to more rapid breakdown of the material, or even brake failure in more extreme cases. Since the brake system in your vehicle is something closely related to safety, it makes sense to keep an eye on things and work to prevent problems rather than play catch up down the line. 

Brake repair work

Everyone knows that squealing sound that comes from the car when you need brakes. The good news is that if you bring your car in for periodic checks, you can catch pad wear before you hear that noise! We recommend periodic checks to help prevent more expensive car brake repair work down the line. If we find your pads are getting worn, we can replace them easily and quickly so you can get back on the road—without extensive additional services such as replacing rotors and/or calipers.  

Our ASE-certified mechanics can perform both standard and extensive brake work, depending on what you need. They will take a look at your car’s current state, examine the brake system thoroughly, and then report back to you with a recommendation for service. We use high quality brake pads and other parts for all of our repair work, and only certified mechanics work at our company, so you can feel confident that the work is done right. 

Other brake services

Not every brake problem means you need new pads, or a “brake job”. Other issues can develop with your vehicle’s braking system that require an expert diagnosis. One such problem is the brake line. Since brake lines are prone to developing corrosion, this can cause the breakdown of the line at one or more places. A visual inspection is typically enough to find this issue, but the entire line should be examined. Brake lines are also prone to leaks, which can affect the system pressure, resulting in the potential for failure. We’ll be glad to take on any brake line repair we find while inspecting your vehicle. 

Whether you are currently having problems with your brakes, or you want to have us take a look and make sure your braking system is in good shape, the team at Classic Gold Auto Centre is here to help. Contact us any time by using our form, or by phone and arrange an inspection for your brakes. If you are already hearing the dreaded “squeal,” be sure to contact us sooner rather than later to help minimize the expense of your brake repair work.