Electrical Repair

Expert Auto Electric Repair Team in Tempe, AZ

Classic Gold Auto Centre is the place to call if you think you may need an auto electric repair in the Tempe, AZ, area. We have helped many customers by finding and fixing all kinds of electrical problems, and our auto mechanic repair services are handled by fully certified professionals. Industry knowledge combined with state-of-the-art equipment provides us with everything needed to track down both simple and complicated electrical problems. 

While it can be tempting to put off fixing an electrical problem, getting it fixed quickly makes the most sense. Some electrical issues can lead to other problems in the system if let go for too long, and as with many repairs, things tend to be less expensive and involved if they are dealt with right away. Please contact us to request an appointment if you think something may be wrong with your vehicles electrical service. 

Basic auto electrical services

Certain parts of your car’s electrical service fall under the “basic” category, including the alternator and the car battery. We handle all of these services at Classic Gold Auto Centre. Over time your car battery loses power, and will eventually have to be replaced. We can help you match your vehicle with the right battery, as well as install and hook it up for you. Our team is also able to help you test your battery to see if it is in good shape, or if you may benefit from replacing it before you have an issue. 

Alternator issues can be frustrating, and this part of your electrical system can suddenly stop working, or fail over time. Signs you may be having problems with this piece of equipment include dim lights, a dead battery that won’t hold a charge after a jump, and sometimes even sounds coming from under the hood. If you suspect you may be having issues with your alternator, don’t delay—bring your car in to our shop to have it tested. If we diagnose this problem, we can swap the alternator out for a brand new one and get you on your way quickly. 

Advanced auto electrical services

Electrical problems are something our auto repair shop handles well. If you are experiencing unusual problems with your vehicle, such as power supply problems, issues operating your windows, displays not reading, or anything that seems like it could have an electrical component to it, we recommend bringing your car in so a knowledgeable auto mechanic can examine it. We have the ability to troubleshoot electrical problems and get to the source, which can be a very complex thing sometimes. Between our diagnostic machines and our certified mechanics, you can feel good about our ability to fix your issue. 

If you’d like to bring your vehicle in for us to take a look, please fill out the form on our site, or contact us at the office by phone. We’ll be glad to arrange a time that is convenient for you to bring your car in to the shop so we can get started. Get in touch with us today!